moving on to 2016: a look at design trends to ditch

As an interior designer who loves a good remodel, I’ve seen a lot of dated design trends meet their end.  Eventually, I’ll come across one that is embraced, like in the case of a Mid-Century Modern Ranch we restored, resurrected, and modernized classic Mid-Century design elements, right down to the crinoline, triple pleated draperies.  More often, however, it’s a matter of a client having a very strong aversion to what is going on in their home.

Here are some trends that I would not be opposed to saying farewell to:

Text as Décor.  We’ve all seen it.  The inspirational ‘family’ or ‘love’ or ‘EAT’ written on the wall in a scroll-y font that is meant to personalize a space.  In this age of constant stimulation and engagement,  I’m voting for more serene, visually peaceful environments.  And I love design elements that don’t state the obvious.  A collage of family photos is much more personal than a literal statement.  Careful color selection is more likely to make me want to dine than a verb.

The Chevron.  It’s such a bold and overused pattern. Herringbone and Parquet, are are similar, but timeless and much more subtle.  Chevron is very hard edged, graphic, and noisy. It’s like a visual alarm.


Faux Finish and Faux Looks.  Having worked as a faux finisher in Tucson while going to design school, it’s ironic that I now think it’s passé.  But in our region, it’s often dated and overstated.  Also, having seen enough sponged walls to last me awhile, reminiscent of the original DIY movement, I’m going to advise to DIY a solid, solitary, lovely coat of paint instead.  Digital imaging has made it possible for anything to look like any other thing, but I’m still fond of materials that aren’t trying to be something else.   I do, however, love faux fur to add warmth and texture without having to lose the life of a critter.  Here’s an example of a faux finished kitchen:

Microwave Hood.  Having a microwave dangle above the cooktop is heavy and somewhat ominous. Microwave design has advanced to include more options than just on the countertop version or above the hood.  Consider a microwave drawer or housing it in an unused upper cabinet that has close proximity to the fridge.


Tiled / Grouted Countertops.  I’ve had a tiled countertop in a kitchen.  The grout lines are a nightmare to keep clean, surface was uneven and tippy, and it looked drab, dated.  I don’t recommend tile countertops with grout lines unless you’re really set on no other option.  Some tile manufacturers are offering very large format porcelain tiles that are nearly slab sized, like from Oregon Tile & Marble.  Using a run of large formatted tile instead of marble eliminates having to seal the stone or worry about the stone.  Large format tile can be used to create a beautifully clean, modern, and seamless aesthetic when tied into the backsplash well.

Here’s hoping you have a fresh layer of snow, an optimistic outlook, and an inspiring New Year.

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