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Personalized Interior Design

Serving Missoula and Western Montana, Becky Broeder Design provides full service interior design / interior architectural services for your residential, commercial, hospitality and retail design needs.

Education Matters

We’re trained to know why beauty is beautiful. With over 20 years of experience, Becky Broeder is an award-winning and published interior designer. She has an MFA in Interior Architecture and Design.

Our Design Process

At Becky Broeder Design our process is your process. We’re here to listen to your needs and curate tailored solutions to create inspirational places to live, work, and recreate in. Large or small, we give your project our undivided attention.

Passion for Our Work

Becky Broeder, Principal and Interior Designer, approaches every project with fervor, tailored to each individual. Great design is a collaborative effort and communication is key.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with builders?

Yes, in several capacities.

I have several builders that serve as clients. They frequently hire me to select and specify finishes and fixtures for their spec house endeavors. Each spec home I design puts an interesting, well designed, highly desirable product on the market with broad appeal.

I also hire builders. I have decades of experience and great working relationships with general contractors in the Missoula area. I assess a project and the personalities of my clients and suggest who I think would be a good fit for the project. I then work with my clients through the builder interview and job cost process.

And, I work with your builder. I love joining the team. If there is a builder in mind, I’m excited and happy to work with them.

How does working with a designer affect the building process?

An interior designer should be hired very early in the process. Without a plan, a builder cannot give a realistic price of the cost of any project. Once the design phase is complete and building is about to begin, it’s important to know what is going where and that it is ordered and on its way. Staying one step ahead of the project and general contractor ensures for a smooth project with few surprises and schedule delays.

How has Covid-19 affected your process?’

Supply chain issues, product availability and price increases across the board have been challenging. Add to that an influx of new residents, as well as many residents eager to build or remodel. Our skilled workforce of trades people is diminishing because the cost of living in Missoula is high comparatively and / or the most experienced have retired. It’s important for me to have selections made and orders placed as early in the project as possible. I manage my clients’ expectations because we are living at a time where predictably and being able to force things to happen or arrive isn’t reality.

I take my clients’, vendors’, and contractors’ safety very seriously. I respect everyone’s level of comfort in all situations and respond accordingly.

What is your Style?

My style is your style. From the very first time I meet a person, I listen and gather information. The driving force of any design concept is dictated by what I understand my client’s wants and needs to be in relation to the existing architecture or plans. I often serve as the communicator and clarifier of what a person is trying to express. I also often serve as a mediator, sometimes between partners, sometimes between the contractors and my clients. I’ve created interiors for people that fit only them. I’ve also created interiors that have universal appeal.

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