a sweet master suite

I had the pleasure of creating a serene master suite for a wonderful couple that live hectic, stressful lives.  We began by closing up an office that was adjacent to the bedroom, then allowing access to that room from the master bedroom.  The master closet was originally located in the master bath, so I moved the master closet to what used to be the office, making an enormous master bath and master his & hers closet located on either side of the master bedroom.  I designed and locally commissioned two barn doors to separate the spaces.  My design concept was inspired by the landscape of Montana in the winter: white, grey, light blue, and straw colors and a lot of texture, with the goal of achieving a peaceful, serene, and elegant retreat. When I found the marble, aptly named, ‘Winter Cloud’, my heart sang and it served as the hub of the wheel, with each design decision a spoke off of the hub from there. Marble, wood, stone, hand-forged iron, wool, and organic cotton were important contributors  in making this interior rich.  I put a lot of thought into lighting, layering ambient light, directed light onto the stone accents, and task lighting throughout.  Have a look:

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