hospitality design expo 2016

I attended my first HD Expo, the largest design expo I, personally, have ever attended.  The venue was at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas and I had a hunch it was going to be a good experience from the minute I got there.  The kind gentleman at the reception desk upgraded me to a Penthouse my first night at no additional cost.  Talk about studying hospitality interiors.  I got to take in an incredible environment, first hand.

Here are a few photos of my decadent pad on the 62nd floor, the top of Mandalay Bay overlooking The Strip:


After switching gears and meeting up with my travel mate, Shannon, I wandered the three day show that welcomes over 10,000 designers, architects, and hotel owners and features more than 800 hospitality design manufacturers and vendors.  It was a productive venture.  I opened new accounts, learned about innovative products, services, and solutions, developed existing relationships, and gained an incredible amount of inspiration.

It’s an exciting time for lighting.  I discovered a couple of made-in-California companies I am happy with, as well as familiar stand-by companies.


Innovations in materials and great geometric looks in tile:


The sky is the limit in wall panels, made of nearly anything and everything, creatively adding interest, texture, lighting accents, and acoustic performance:


And my favorite plumbing fixture at the show.  I read about American Standard and their innovative new faucets that are made through a 3D printer in Metropolis Magazine on my way down to Las Vegas.  The water actually flows through each tiny channel creating a great flow and look:


Thanks for taking a look.  Here’s to great design!


a look at BBD’s latest interior design project

Here are some images of Becky Broeder Design’s most recent completed interior design project, a large remodel in Montana.  Inspired by Montana’s High Line, where the client was born and raised, this forested mountain home recalls the airiness and beauty of the prairie.  Becky designed every detail: custom cabinets, trim, crown, locally-made doors and much more.  Each detail was hand-drawn then masterfully crafted by Montana’s finest. Careful thought went into multi-layered lighting, functionality of spaces, and adherence to the consistent design aesthetic of Montana’s serenity.  Becky relied on her signature texture-driven approach, using natural elements such as stone, wood, and metal to create a peaceful and beautiful interior environment.  Balancing public spaces to entertain guests and family with  private spaces to relax and recharge were important considerations.  Every opportunity to make this home highly functional on a technological level were also taken.

These images show the kitchen, breakfast nook, and dining room, featuring a wall of custom built-ins:

S Home (23 of 27)
S Home (22 of 27)
S Home (21 of 27)
S Home (20 of 27)
S Home (19 of 27)
S Home (18 of 27)
S Home (17 of 27)
S Home (16 of 27)
Schley Home (14 of 27)