Thanks to the influence and encouragement from her family, Becky knew from a very young age that she was meant to be an artist. With a propensity to voraciously study how and why elements work together, interior design naturally became her medium.

Becky’s undergraduate studies were in English Literature and Film from Montana State University in Bozeman. There, she was trained in the studies of story, psychology, mood, lighting, editing, and setting a scene, all proving to be essential skills in her interior design approach. When she attended an undergraduate interior design program at a private school in Tucson, she concurrently worked as a faux finisher, thereby learning the practical process of building interiors. Becky was a professional road cyclist at that time, and had the opportunity to travel extensively, learning about people in environments, and how different combinations of elements made her feel, both physically and psychologically, and why.

Becky loves what she does and it shows.

Friends would attest that Becky doesn’t do things halfway. She attained her Masters of Fine Arts degree in Interior Architecture and Design in order to learn the trade fully and be taken seriously as a designer. Her MFA studies began with an earnest love for what was then termed, ‘green design’. Now, she’s as passionate as ever about sustainable practices, responsible products, ethical services, and creating environments that make us happy and healthy.

Becky loves what she does and it shows. It means a lot to her to be able to add comfort, beauty, health, thought, innovation, and joy to her clients’ lives. Becky’s completed exciting residential, retail, and restaurant / hospitality projects in Tucson, Los Angeles, and throughout Western Montana, including homes and hospitality projects at StockFarm, The Yellowstone Club, and Paws Up Ranch.